Play It Again: A Reflexive Practitioner (April 2017)

In April 2017, four theatre practitioners – Grace Holme, Matilde Real, Kezi Garden and Christa Van Rijn – conducted a three-hour ‘playshop’ at CounterPlay Festival in Aarhus, Denmark. The session, ‘Play It Again: A Reflexive Practitioner’ was active, experimental and reflective. Through the use of drama exercises, dance and improvisation it explored different aspects of play with festival participants, questioning facets of its nature and considering play’s barriers and boundaries.

As part of an incredible festival that brought play-makers from across the world together, ‘Play it Again’ aimed to encourage fellow play practitioners/enthusiasts to deeply reflect upon what it is they do.

Thank you to to CounterPlay for inviting us and for hosting an amazing event. To find more information about the festival and organisation, click here.