The Courage to Stand

Reflections on Du Kannst Nicht Mehr Warten? (You Can’t Wait Anymore?) by Die Aktionist*innen at the Maxim Gorki Theater (Studio Я, 11 & 12 October 2017)

The lights go up and we see a young man centre stage, sat with his back to the audience. After a long pause, we notice that he is beginning to shake, almost vibrate. As it grows more and more intense – suddenly he collapses. He cries out in frustration and pain. His movements are angry and jolted, as he staggers to his feet. He is enraged. He attempts to stand on the stall he has been sat on. He falls. Again he tries. He fails. He yells. He tries. He’s furious. He falls. He just – cannot – stand – up.  Continue reading “The Courage to Stand”